UAERF RTP Guidelines V3 - Septemper, 2020

UAERF RTP Guidelines v2 - August, 2020

UAERF RTP Guidelines COVID19- v1 - Augut 2020​


Update #3 / 3rd September, 2020

Dear All

Following a recent Circular from the General Authority of Sports No 31 – August 2020, following instructions by the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), it’s with immediate effect that the following be adhered to:

  1. No activity is allowed for 11\U11 Years old whatsoever
  2. No Spectators at all times
  3. No Gatherings of more than 40 people at all times
  4. Group trainings should keep ratios of 10:1 per group
  5. No Overseas camping\training without prior approval
  6. No incoming teams host\training without prior approval

Full adherence to all local health measures & UAERF RTP Guidelines


Update #2 / 30th August, 2020

UAERF MEDCOM has recently finalized updating v2 of the current UAERF Safe Return to Play Protocols, this update with the current version now allows members who are able to resume activities as per their local health measures to move to Phase 2 starting 1st September;

To give smooth playing transition and for the purpose of providing a comprehensive approach to game return, we have now included touch rugby protocols within this updated guidelines, see Appendix.  

For any queries please forward to UAERF Medical Mailbox at:


Update #1 - 5th August, 2020

The UAERF Medical Committee (MEDCOM) headed by Dr. Alan Kourie, for the safe return of Rugby in the UAE amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, has utilized the resources constructed by World Rugby as well as the local laws and restrictions currently governing the UAE to provide information and a framework for UAE-based rugby clubs, schools and venues to use in order to keep the rugby community safe while returning to play.

It derives from the regulatory documents published by the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), The General Authority for Sports and The Dubai Sports Council.

The guidance provided by this document should be considered mandatory for UAE Rugby Clubs and National Teams and advisory for School Rugby who should also be guided by their governing bodies.

Conduct of any sporting activity in a COVID-19 environment is subject to regulations of Government and Local Public Health Authorities, in line with the specific Rugby safe return to play as stipulated within this mandatory guidance.

The return to activity should be no more than 50% of normal capacity with training sessions not to exceed 60 minutes, we will aim to update within 30 days as of 4th August, 2020 when we can move to the next phase which eases the participation levels and give more chance to players’ performance progression.

If you feel you need further clarity on any point, appreciate sending an email with your enquiry to the below mail or reply with your query to this mail: