UAE Conference League

UAE Rugby’s Conference is the domestic tier 2 competition and consists of a mixture of 11 UAE-based clubs 1st and 2nd teams. These 11 teams are:

Dubai Hurricanes

Dubai Exiles

Abu Dhabi Harlequins

Abu Dhabi Saracens

Al Ain Amblers

Jebel Ali Dragons

Dubai Wasps

Arabian Knights

Sharjah Wanderers

Dubai Sharks

Heartbeat Tigers


The format of the Conference is each team plays all others once, teams are then split into top 6 and bottom 5, who then play again each other. A simple top 1 vs top 2 of each then play for the final place. This season runs from September through to April of each year.


Hall of Fame:


2013-2014: Top 5 Winner- Dubai Hurricanes

                  Bottom 5 - Dubai Wasps

2014-2015: Top 6 Winner - Al Ain Amblers

                 Bottom 6 Winner - Abu Dhabi Harlequins

2015 - 2016: Top 6 Winner - Sharjah Wanderers

Bottom 5 Winner - Heartbeat Tigers