Frequently asked Questions

If you subsequently need assistance from the office, please call Office on +971 043459666 

1- Affiliation with UAERF: 

To join the UAERF Leagues, a team shuold be affiliate to UAERF, there are two ways to join the league, one of which is temporary until the club is able to finalize all the required, your team entry is dependent on several steps, once every step is successful, we shall then advise the finalization and team entry to the leagues:

  1. Temporarily joining UAERF\GRM tournaments &Rugby Events:
  • You will need to get in touch with a current full affiliate member club registered with UAERF.
  • Send them a full list of all your players for registrations on UAERF Portal
  • Pay their membership fees which includes insurance (if any)
  • Get confirmation on their registration numbers.
  • Receive confirmation from club secretary on your team registration on UAERF Portal.
  1. Full Affiliate Member:
  • Apply to UAERF for full affiliation with application & documentation required.
  • Application to be reviewed by the UAERF BoD
  • Affiliation approval to be sent if successful
  • UAERF to consult with GRM – Gulf Rugby Management to review the new club inclusion
  • GRM to consult with Clubs Committee to come back to UAERF with advice.
  • Once all parties are in agreement to new team inclusion: UAERF & GRM will see the best way to accommodate your team if deemed possible or otherwise block a spot for the upcoming season; all dependants on the final review and advice on your affiliation application.


  1. Club Trade license
  2. Bank account under club name
  3. Club Constitution
  4. Official Signatories & Board Names and contacts (email, phone number)
  5. Club Contacts form.
  6. UAERF Affiliation form singed.
  7. Copy of Personal Accident Insurance Cover for all the playing members.
  8. Qualified L1 FAIR for your team with local first aid license.
  9. Photo for Rugby Playing Jerseys of the club.
  10. List of all players required for registration with their Age, Nationality, Residency Status, DOB: highlight all qualified Fron Row players.


For Further Enquiries please contact:

Hazem Hassan 

UAERF Rugby Services Manager 

+971 (0) 43459666 - hazem@uaerugby.ae