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Ambulances – The current requirements for a single match between two teams does NOT require an ambulance presence.

It has been now mandated that there must be a minimum WR FAIR first responder per Team at each game.

The FAIR (First Aid in Rugby) qualification is sufficient for pitch side care for minor injuries and the identification of more serious injuries. Once these serious injuries have been identified, it the role of the first aiders to call for more help e.g. ambulance or paramedics.  

It is a UAERF requirement that:

  • All coaches should have FAIR qualifications. 
  • One member from each team dedicated to first aid should be FAIR accredited. 
  • The host club or school should have two FAIR accredited first aiders for every game.
  • one spine board, HARD collar and spider harness must be available at every field.
  • Ambulances will be required for all tournaments.
  • In addition - clubs should have a checklist that must be approved by UAERF for rugby tournaments including ambulance availability, risk assessment, evacuation plan etc.
  • Match officials have been instructed to not start the game without both first responders present and all minimum first aid equipment in place.


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