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To be able to claim from the UAERF provided medical insurance for injuries sustained during any rugby activity, including training, then a player’s name must be on the database and subsequently notified to the insurance company.

The players medical insurance is actually a personal accident insurance policy which has been tailored to allow claims for rugby injuries. It is not a direct billing system. Players must pay upfront and claim after.

Many have questioned that if they have their own insurance then why do they need the UAERF required cover; Because not all medical insurances cover ‘dangerous sports” and UAERF does not want the administrative exercise of getting copies of everyone’s insurance to prove their applicability.

This system ensures a duty of care provision from the Federation for players participating in tournaments under their governance. And to cover the small minority that know their insurance cover is not adequate.

If you hold a valid medical insurance, you can have both and choose which one you want to claim under.

The insurance cover also includes a travel insurance cover. While this is primarily for teams playing away, it does cover bus transport for UAE domestic teams and while there is an element of lower leagues subsidising the higher leagues, there is mutual benefit and substantial cost reduction accordingly.

Physical receipts/medical reports must be sent (once claimant has finished treatment and is ready for claim to be closed and paid) to:-

FOA : Nirmal Nayanar

Nasco Middle East

Albwardy Investment Building

Khalid Bin Waleed Street,

P.O Box 62528, Dubai

Contact No: - 04 3514292, 04-3051753

Nirmal Nayanar is the main point of contact in regards to claims.

William Whitehouse should be kept in copy.

In case of any injury; player must notify the incident immediately to Nirmal (Nasco) through email by providing the below details –

  • Name of the Player
  • Incident date
  • A brief detail on the incident.
  • Passport and Visa copy

Claims can only be assessed for the eligibility once full medical reports/receipts are submitted, i.e. when the member finished treatment and wishes to close his/her claim and have the eligible amount reimbursed.

For players who have a decent medical policy in place; UAERF would recommend a player to first try using his/her medical insurance (as the player may more than likely have access to direct billing, be covered for higher amounts, not have to wait for reimbursement, does not need to contribute AED 500 towards the claim, etc.

There is an excess on the policy whereby the player must currently contribute the first AED 500 of the claim (e.g. for a AED 10,000 eligible claim; only AED 9,500 would be paid out by the insurer).

Pre-existing conditions are not covered under this policy – therefore if a player has or is receiving ongoing treatment for a recurring injury; or has medical advice or is recommended treatment by a medical practitioner within a 2 year period (proceeding the policy issuance) his/her treatment/claim should not technically be covered. (be warned).

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