UAERF Players Insurance

Correspondence Sunday, November 25, 2018 4:39 PM

Dear all Club Chairmen & Schools Directors of Rugby,


I trust this finds you all well,

Further to recent discussions, the UAERF Board of Directors wish to relay the following message to all Club Chairmen & Schools Directors of Rugby.


The UAERF have listened to the desire for the majority of the clubs & schools to be able to source their own player personal accident insurance policy, the UAERF agree with this request and as such we are instructing the following to occur:


  1. The current AIG insurance policy that is administered centrally by the UAERF on behalf of all clubs & schools will be cancelled with immediate effect. From this day forwards all clubs and schools are responsible for sourcing their own player accident insurance themselves.
  2. Clubs & schools are responsible for submitting verification directly to the UAERF that all their relevant players are covered by an appropriate sports related insurance cover. At this point in time there are two such policies that have been verified & approved by the UAERF: These are the AIG policy (a “pay and claim” policy which is brokered by NASCO with a Medical Expenses Payment Cap of AED 75k) and secondly the ADNIC policy (a “direct billing” policy brokered by Lifecare with a Medical Expenses Payment cap of AED 100k).
  3. No player qualifying for and requiring insurance cover can be selected to play for any club or school unless he or she has approved insurance cover in place. It is the responsibility of the club/school to confirm to the UAERF that such cover is in place. Any breach of this regulation will see the player and club/school sanctioned by the UAERF/GRM.
  4. There is a 2 month pro-rata premium cancellation fee that needs to be recovered from the clubs & schools for the current AIG policy for this season to be cancelled. The precise details of this will be communicated to all clubs & schools shortly. It is the responsibility of each club and school to cover their proportion of this combined cancellation fee as allocated by the UAERF.
  5. No penalties have been applied by AIG in calculating the cancellation fee for the policy administered to date by the UAERF. AIG have agreed  to close 2 paid claims and transfer 3 other unpaid claims (for a total of 5 claims this season) to ADNIC. ADNIC have agreed to this and will settle the outstanding claims. Details of these 3 outstanding claims have been provided to Lifecare and the relevant Clubs.
  6. The contact details for both NASCO (for the AIG pay and claim policy) and Lifecare (for the ADNIC direct billing policy) can be obtained via the UAERF.


Lifecare/ADNIC -


Clubs vs Schools Insurance Metrix (download table) - this table explains players insurance coverage at rugby events and responsbility to source appropriate contact sports cover