Senior Account Manager
Experience: 2 to 3 years
Department: Sports
Salary Range: 25K to 35K per month
Role Summary:

managing relationships, driving revenue, and ensuring successful partnerships within the UAE’s rugby community. It requires a strategic approach, effective communication, financial acumen, and strong leadership to achieve organizational goals and foster a thriving rugby ecosystem in the UAE.


Rugby Participation:

Promote rugby through the implementation of rugby programs in schools, clubs, and the general community with the guidance & direction provided.

  • Coach & Train Al-Maha All Emirati Female Team.
  • Assist as required with National Teams Trainings.
  • Initiate, build and maintain positive relationships with clubs, schools, affiliates, and PE teachers.
  • Maintain registration database of players, affiliates, schools visited… etc.
  • Promote rugby initiatives within the community
  • Plan, implement, and deliver rugby coaching courses.
  • Ensure all coaches are registered and entered onto the UAERF database
  • Plan, implement and deliver Get-into-Rugby programs.
  • Organize and facilitate a range of tag, touch, and contact-based tournament opportunities for all school cycles to give students rugby opportunities and experience rugby (subject to COVID19 Health Measures)
  • Apply the UAERF COVID19 Protocols, Code of Conduct, and all relevant UAERF Codes & Protocols.
  • Identify player recruitment and retention opportunities, and promote leadership opportunities amongst players.
  • Develop a calendar of rugby development programs, tournaments, and clinics.
  • Take every opportunity to build and promote the UAERF values, image, and vision.
  • Ensure all UAERF policies are adhered to and professional service is delivered to Stakeholders
  • Contribute & assist to all UAERF events and activities when required
  • Deliver Performance Reports to concerned stakeholders.

Key Success Factors:

  • Implementation of UAERF Development Strategy Plans (short- and long- range plan)
  • Achieving the required target of Emirati participants/ schools as per UAERF direction.
  • Building a National Female Emirati Teams M&Y & Seniors through Al-Maha
  • Retention of Athletes, and development of new players.