Name Grading
Jaco de WIT Premiership
Maurice BUTLER Premiership
Simon Jon DODD Premiership
Tony DUMINY Premiership
Adrienne SPEEDY Division 1
Beau-Dean GOSPER Division 1
Clement ISACK Division 1
Eugene DEEGAN Division 1
Gabriel MASENDA Division 1
James FAIRBOURN Division 1
Monray GILBERT Division 1
Niell HORN Division 1
Shakeel AHAMED Division 1
Stephen MARSHALL Division 1
Andrew MUIR Division 2
Ant GOMENAKE Division 2
Christiaan KILIAN Division 2
David MASON Division 2
Jaycee STEYN Division 2
Michael BRODERICK Division 2
Name Grading
Michael ROBERTS Division 2
Nick BRADY Division 2
Amro HEFNAWY Social
Dave HARPER CMO/Social
David HAGUE CMO/Social
Stuart WALKER CMO/Social
Daniel CABRAL Not Graded
Daniel Kimani KAMAU Not Graded
Eamon HEAKIN Not Graded
Harieta VILSONI Not Graded
Jassim AL SUWAIDI Not Graded
Kelum SUJITH Not Graded
Marah Muhammad F HOESSEIN Not Graded
Samantha DIYAGUBADU Not Active
Norman DRAKE Not Active
Peter DENNEHY Not Active
Ryan PEDEN Not Active
Get Involved in Refereeing
The UAERF’s aim through Gulf Rugby Management is to provide you with all the necessary information on refereeing in the UAE.

Whether you are an ex-active match official, a volunteer, an administrator or are considering taking up the whistle for the first time, you have a pivotal role to play in the development of officiating in this country.

For current and potential officials, refereeing is a great way to give something back to the game you love, while also helping to widen participation in the sport. Whether your aspirations are to referee your local youth teams on a Friday morning or progress to officiating at highest level; the UAERF will support you every step of the way.

It’s easy to become a referee and start refereeing! The first step is to register on World Rugby World Rugby Passport – Your gateway to World Rugby Training & Education

World Rugby Passport – Your gateway to World Rugby Training & Education

World Rugby Passport is the hub of World Rugby’s online education, with links to all our sites.

do the following online:
We have 2 levels:
You need to pass applicable fitness level and be available to referee at all levels; including club rugby.
you need to pass less stringent fitness level and you can choose to only referee school games and/or youth games and/or community league games.

The next step is to complete application attached and forward to

Lastly then you need to attend WR L1 MO course and you’re on your way. See the UAERF’s updated the Training & Education Calendar; you can view the calendar through the below link:

Please also see attached referee ladder; but please note fitness are also a further requirement; and following results are required:

  • Top level of competitive level – optimally score level (shuttle) of 18 but 17 would be acceptable
  • Other competitive levels – Optimally score level (shuttle) of 16 but 15 could be acceptable
  • Social level – Minimal level of 14 required